Incomplete Tasks

Last updated: 3 months ago

Talk Description

Whether it's refactoring the network code or finding a better flow for user sign up, everyone has those tasks that linger incomplete in their queue. We tell ourselves there's always time to complete them. We'll always be able to make time on a weekend to "bang it out". But that's not always true, is it?

What about those lingering tasks in your life? Like making peace with your father? Smoothing things over with that old friend when things ended… awkwardly. Do you think you'll always have time?


This talk is prompted by the passing of my father in the Spring of 2019, the sudden passing of one of my colleagues in the Autumn of 2019, and the passing of a good friend in January of 2020. However, I think it's something everyone should consider. I don't intend for it to be a downer, but instead I want to leave the audience with a sense of optimism for addressing these sort of tasks.