POP from big talks to concrete ideas 📐🏗

Last updated: 4 months ago

Since the famous Crusty talk at WWDC 2016 everyone is convinced about Protocol Oriented Programing (POP). But somehow we still often fail to take advantage of it in simple use cases. The idea is to give the audience something they can use in their application right away and at the same time think about embracing a bit more POP.

Through this talk I will explain how creating many simple protocols can make your life easier.

A great Article from Rob Nappier gives great insights on what should be POP, and as for designing a protocol oriented API, presenting POP as a concept should be done the same way : "Write concrete code first. Then work out the generics." or here it would be "Start from the use cases. Then explain the greater concept"

There is multitude of uses that I can present :

  • Setting up a tableView or a collectionView

  • managing the loading in your application

  • (JSON) parsing

  • constructing layout with autolayout

  • and more...

A good format could be to present it into 3 or 4 lightning talks (~5-10 minutes) given through the day(s) the same way Vincent Pradeille or David Bonnet did at the FrenchKit 2019 conference. This way multiple useful examples could be presented and it would avoid the enumeration feeling of a talk presenting multiple use cases of the same general idea.

Another option would be to present in depth the tableView/collectionView use case in a ~35 minute talk, because it is a really common thing to do and we can add so many improvement to this tedious process (that most of the time does not contains anything else than boilerplate code).