Declarative Server Side UI at scale

Last updated: 4 months ago

Since mobile got traction, we tried to move more and more logic from a website to mobile apps. Resulting in excessive complexity, duplication, inflexible and hard to modify code base. Unfortunately mobile couldn't keep pace with the web. Even a tiny part of the UI change required application to be recompiled and redistributed to users, A/B testing was a nightmare and inconsistencies between platforms were significant. Those who couldn't afford that started adding uncritical paths as web views when others were trying to re-invent the way content apps were built. At some point, even Apple and Google came up with frameworks like SwiftUI or Jetpack Compose that partly addressed some of the problems.

In our case, we started a bit earlier and we would like to share with you our native approach towards server-side rendering for mobile (iOS and Android) and web. A solution that helped us to bring JSON parsing and building declarative UIs to the next level. All with native components, having scalability and flexibility in mind.