The Web We Left Behind

Last updated: 3 months ago

Before "SSR" was a term, everything was SSR. And a lot of things on the web just worked. We can have that web back. We can free ourselves from our single-page shackles.

This talk will take a critical eye towards the premise that we ought to be in the business of building single-page apps. * I’ll give a brief history of the way the web worked and was built before the advent of AJAX and DOM manipulation * I’ll posit links and forms as the fundamental building blocks of the web * I’ll use Wikipedia as a “living fossil” to give a hint at the web before Single-Page Apps (a web that many conference attendees may have little exposure to), showing how a server-rendered web application made of links, forms, and semantic HTML makes it easy for web browsers to provide a usable, accessible experience * I’ll show how many modern SPAs break the links-and-forms contract with the browser and hurt usability, accessibility, testability, and performance in the process. * I’ll show how client-rendered apps duplicate several types of work that their API servers must also perform * I’ll offer some hopeful alternatives in two flavors: * Ways to build performant server-rendered apps without a lot of framework overhead * Ways to build SPAs more responsibly and more simply


UIKonf Friendly Commenter
3 months

Isn't the "very premise of this conference" that native iOS development is the best way to build superior user experiences for iOS users?

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