Sign in with Apple - Create New Accounts Safely and Quickly

Last updated: 3 months ago

Sign in with Apple, available on all iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS devices since end of 2019, will be the new competitor to the sign-in flows from Facebook, Google, Twitter & co. Accompanied by lots of applause from the audience, Apple promised in this year's WWDC a privacy friendly way to create new accounts with built-in two-factor authentication, automatic fraud detection and much more.

Look forward to get answers to burning question like "Is Sign In with Apple relevant for me?", "What does the implementation in an existing app look like?" and "What do I have to consider when using it together with Facebook, Google & Co.". After my talk you will know how to integrate Sign in with Apple into your own app and what you have to take care of in detail.

This is a easy to digest talk for every [iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, Swift, Obj-C] hero from beginner to advanced 🎉

Bonus: You'll enjoy a nice live demo on how to add Sign in With Apple to your existing app 🙃


UIKonf Friendly Commenter
3 months

It would be great if the talk also covered the "non apple" part, the web api, backend that have to provide data if the user have been granted access.

3 months

Actually this is an interesting part too but it is also so huge that it could cover a separate talk. BUT in the talk I have references to good explanations of this part of SIWA.

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