Enhance Augmented Reality Apps with Machine Learning

Last updated: 3 months ago

The introduction of ARKit has practically eliminated the barrier to entry for making augmented reality apps. As product designers & engineers search for applications of this new tech, we propose incorporating the use of machine learning to create meaningful experiences.

In this talk, we’ll show you what tooling is readily available and waiting to be applied to new domains to create novel applications.

The talk will cover:

  1. Introduction to ARKit
  2. Vision framework and its capabilities
  3. Using custom models with CoreML (when Vision framework doesn’t support your task)
  4. Example app that combines: world tracking, body segmentation, and drawing
  5. Future of AR & ML

The presentation will contain a high-level overview, code snippets, and video demos.


UIKonf Friendly Commenter
3 months

This seems a lot of ground to cover in ~30mins. All very interesting and relevant topics. Why don't you focus on only one?

3 months

Thanks for the feedback! The goal of the talk is for the listener to leave with a feeling of how to make purposeful AR apps with the help of ML. I'll try to cut down on the range of content a bit.

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