The Temporal Axis of Space-Time

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Date and time calculations are notoriously difficult to get right. It seems like every month, another app is in the news for getting dates and time wrong. All of these problems stem from conceptual misunderstandings about what question to ask, and how to find the answer. In this talk, I'll teach you what I've learned from nearly a decade of doing date and time calculations, so that you can get these kinds of complicated problems right.

A bit more information:

Most developers have some fundamental misconceptions about what Date is in Foundation and how to use it. All of the weirdnesses around calendars mean that "getting it right" can be pretty tricky (13 months in a year? Months that are 5 days long? Year changes in the middle of April? All valid).

I've found, though, that relating calendrical concepts to another well-understood area of programming helps clear up a TON of these misconceptions, and lays the groundwork for correctly handling these kinds problems. I'll talk about this relation, because it lays down a solid layer of intuition that guides the answers for every calendrical issue. I'll also be demonstrating how this concept forms the basis of my soon-to-be-released calendaring package to supplement the APIs in Foundation.


UIKonf Friendly Commenter
4 months

This is incredible and I REALLY HOPE it gets selected.

UIKonf Friendly Commenter
3 months

Yes! I want to see this talk and I already have a hunch who the author might be… 🤔

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