Live Coding: Augmented Reality Game with ARKit

Last updated: 4 months ago

Augmented Reality will become the future User Interface for Human-Machine interactions once Apple or Google will release small and powerful enough glasses to augment the real world. You won't need a display on your desk or stare at the small screen of your mobile. Everything will be controllable without an own display. This talk gives a glimpse into that future and shows what's currently possible. The presenter will develop an Augmented Reality based game in a galaxy far, far away. During the session he will talk about the current limitations of AR and future solutions. This talk will empower and encourage you to build your own Augmented Reality web apps.

The timeline will be:

  • Introduction into VR/AR

  • Explanation of Appleā€™s USDZ and why it is important for AR enriched web apps right now

  • Create new project and initialize ARKit

  • Load 3D models

  • Implement 3D hit-testing

  • Implement physics handling

  • Add sound and final demo

  • Conclusion


UIKonf Friendly Commenter
6 months

Hey, this is supposed to be an anonymous call for proposals. Please remove information that identifies you. I would also recommend flashing out the proposal to let people know what your expertise is and what they are going to learn.

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