How HTTP/2 works & Improve latency of network calls in iOS

Last updated: 3 months ago

UrlSession already supports HTTP/2 from 2015 and the adoption of HTTP/2 in mobile apps is very less. In this talk, you will learn what is HTTP/2, how it improves and ways to enable HTTP/2 for all your network calls. We have adopted over 1 year back and seen around 25% improvements in response times for all network calls. This talk will inspire people to use HTTP/2 for Apps. Currently around

 a) who the audience is? iOS app developers. Anyone with basic idea of HTTP protocol can attend and understand benefits of HTTP/2.

b) what they can expect? 1. Differences between http1.1 and http/2. 2. What are ways to enable http/2 for apps (reverse proxy/ enable http/2 at application server/proxy server).

c) what they will learn? 1. Complete understanding of http1.1 and http/2. 2. what is TCP, SSL. 3. Basic idea on QUIC protocol and http/3.