What is Vestibule?

Vestibule is a tool to help us — the community — generate and curate the talks at UIKonf.

The idea is simple. You propose a presentation. Others will help you refine and focus it by making suggestions. You keep updating your proposal bearing those suggestions in mind.

If your proposal is selected at the end of the voting process, your travel expenses will be reimbursed and you will be our guests at our selected Hotel in Berlin. Of course, we will also reimburse you your ticket if you already have purchased one.

Everything happens anonymously to focus on the content and not on the names. Remember that our Code of Conduct applies to proposals and comments as well and be nice.

The Schedule

30 Jan – 20 Feb:
Submit your proposals on our CfP page or comment on an already submitted proposal. We accept any topic you deem interesting may it be technical, design-focused, about building / running / failing a company or how to get a rocket into space using Swift - Inspire us!

20 Feb – 1 Mar:
Comment on existing proposals to help the authors improve their talks. You can help talks that you'd like to see at UIKonf to become even better and maybe get elected for the final eight.

1 Mar – 8 Mar:
The voting week: our community and a committee consisting of previous UIKonf speakers will vote on their 8 favorite talks. The final 8 talks will be determined by equally weighing the votes from the public and the committee (just like in Eurovision 👩‍🎤👨‍🎤). We will inform everyone who participated in the CfP in the week after that and announce the chosen speakers one by one.

What is UIKonf?

UIKonf is Berlin's independent conference for serious iOS developers which will take place at from May 14th - May 17th at Kosmos, Berlin. In addition to covering the hottest topics in app development, UIKonf is a special place to meet and connect with great people.

Visit the main site for more information.


Read more about the Vestibule process

Vestibule was developed by the fine people behind Ruby Manor.